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Domo Cake Pops Nom Nom

Domo Cake Pops Nom Nom

The last week in Southern California has been a hot and humid one. I don’t mind it so much but when it comes to making cake pops, the humidity and heat does not go well with chocolate. Chocolate doesn’t like to set much when it’s warm, so by the time I was done with a crazy busy week full of a ton of custom cake pop orders (my favorite being the Cookies in Cream Dirt w/ gummy worms) a break was much needed. After making the last of deliveries this morning, my daughter and I took a moment to be a bit goofy and have a little fun with cake pops.

Domo Cake PopsI put together a couple Domo cake pops sans arms because really, who can resist the Japanese mascot Domo?  We headed outside to enjoy the perfect blue sky (and first day of non scorcher heat). With the sun shining down on us we danced around, singing, snapped pictures and pretended to eat Domo. It only took a couple minutes for our friend to feel the side affects of the heat, and as the chocolate began to melt, we ran inside giggling and screaming “I’m melting, I’m melting, Domo melting!”

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