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Lalalopsy Cake Pops Take Over

Lalalopsy Cake Pops Take Over

My daughter and I were walking around Disneyland when I received a message on my phone asking “Can you do Lalaloopsy cake pops?” I’d seen many character cake pops but I was baffled – I had never heard of Lalaloopsy before. After a moment my daughter asked what it was about and when I told her she went “ooh, I know those!” Turns out her half-sister has the dolls, so she knew aaall about them.

Lalaloopsy Boy and Cheer Bow

I almost responded to the request that no, I could not do Lalaloopsy dolls as they look extremely complicated, with a ton of detail. Then I realized I did Hello Kitty, I do monsters and mummies, I could do dolls. So, with a bit of hesitation, I finally agreed and thus began my journey into the Lalaloopsy world.

Months later, I’ve made a multitude of Lalaloopsy cake pops, some with cheer bows (made out of Starburst candies) and even some boy ones. Getting the hair “just so” has been a learning experience and patience, but I’ve found I like the additional detailed hair. And who can resist the rosy cheeks?

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