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For the love of Toy Story Cake Pops

For the love of Toy Story Cake Pops

I am pretty sure the reason I enjoy making cake pops so much is because while I am in my 30s, I am still a child at heart. My downtime (with or without my daughter) can be spent with Legos, Play-doh, animated movies, and cartoons. Making cake pops can be frusrating at times but it’s more of a playtime for me, a “what can do with this?”

When given the opportunity to make Mr. Potato Head Cake Pops a couple months ago, I was thrilled! My daughter used to have a giant Potato Head collection (Boba Fett was our favorite), and we used to play often, working with all the pieces to make goofy faces. Adding each piece, the peanut butter nose, the Junior Mints hat (yum), and even the eyes, all brought back the fun of playing with the toy. Never mind that he’s a smartie pants in the movie with some great one-liners. My favorite part of these guys? The mustaches I piped on as a finishing touch.

Recently one of my regular customers requested a character from Toy Story for her son’s birthday, and while I suggest Mr. Potato Head or Aliens, I was thrilled she picked the Aliens. I don’t mind repeating designs, but I was excited to try a new one.

Toy Story Alien Cake PopsI don’t make anything fondant because many people have said they don’t like it (and I don’t, either), so I piece together facial features and decorations with various candies. These little aliens were made from rope candy, Airheads, and icing eyeballs. I was even more thrilled my edible markers cooperated for these ultra adorable smiles. Yes, I am in love with my Toy Story Aliens, my favorite, favoritest cake pop ever. :)


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One comment

  1. Kristyn
    Jul 01, 2013

    How much do your Toy Story cake pops run?

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