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Step away from the usual boring chocolates and surprise your loved one with some Cake Pops or Chocolate Covered Oreos for Valentine’s Day this year.

Order from a variety of Valentine cake pop and other treat designs:

2014VDMixAdOr pick two of the following for $30:

  • 6 Valentine’s Day Cake Pops
  • 10 Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
  • 6 Chocolate Covered Oreos
  • 12 Mini Chocolate Covered Oreos

All will be decorated in Valentine’s Day colors of red and white, but I can substitute pink or your sweetie’s other favorite colors.

**Updated to say I will also be attending The Depressed Cake Shop in Seattle!! Info has been added below**

It’s been almost three years since I started this cake pop adventure and while there has been sme serious trial and error, overall it has been a very positive experience.  Seeing the finished product displayed, a child clutching their prized cake pop and the gratitude from customers makes me smile and want to continue what I do.

Mental illness affect one in four Americans every year. I am one of those, as well as a few of my dear friends. If not experiencing it directly, many have family, friends and coworkers who fight the daily battle of living with mental illness. The stigma is there, a disease that is rarely talked about and commonly misunderstood. To those of us affected, we do what we can to get through each day, and for many, baking helps.

I'm not a Monster Cake Pops

Banana bread used to be my “thing”, the one baked good I thoroughly enjoyed creating in the kitchen.  Now, it’s the making of cake pops, a process that is so very therapeutic even during the busiest times. Something about the repetitive motions, kneading the frosting into cake dough and rolling endless amounts of cake balls helps soothe my mind. Baking has given me something to focus on, to put my energies toward when the rest of my life seems a bit crazy and out of control. It is calming and a huge positive addition, in more ways than just calories.

The idea of baking therapy has been turned into an awesome opportunity to raise money and awareness about mental illness. Conceived of by Emma Cakehead (Miss Cakehead) in the UK, the Depressed Cake Shop Pop-ups have popped up all over the world and there are even more to come.

I am excited to be participating in the Los Angeles location in August 23rd and 24th and providing some delicious treats. Discussion of mental illness is an important matter to me and I was already planning on doing my own fundraiser later this year. What a perfect chance for me to get involved:  I get to spend hours in the kitchen meditating with chocolate and have the end results support NAMI Westside Los Angeles.

For those in the LA area who haven’t had a chance to enjoy my products, this will be a prime opportunity to sample some Chocolate Dipped Oreos, Cloud shaped Cake Pops, and Monster cake pops all decked out in gray. There will also be other gray baked goods from area bakers, complimentary beer and wine opening night, themed artwork and photography from renowned artists and baking classes on Saturday.

August 23, 2013(7-11pm) and August 24 (9am-6pm)

Location: Buckwild Gallery, 12804 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Depressed Cake Shop Los Angeles Facebook Event Page

Not located near L.A.? For more information about other Depressed Cake Shop locations in the US and international, visit depressedcakeshop.com.

Dates: Saturday, October 5th, 2013
Location: Sole Repair Shop, 1001 East Pike, Seattle, WA

Depressed cake Shop Seattle Facebook Page

Depressed Cake Shop Los Angeles

Poster design courtesy of Alexis Lowery

Depressed Cake Shop Seattle - Event Leaflet 1

I am pretty sure the reason I enjoy making cake pops so much is because while I am in my 30s, I am still a child at heart. My downtime (with or without my daughter) can be spent with Legos, Play-doh, animated movies, and cartoons. Making cake pops can be frusrating at times but it’s more of a playtime for me, a “what can do with this?”

When given the opportunity to make Mr. Potato Head Cake Pops a couple months ago, I was thrilled! My daughter used to have a giant Potato Head collection (Boba Fett was our favorite), and we used to play often, working with all the pieces to make goofy faces. Adding each piece, the peanut butter nose, the Junior Mints hat (yum), and even the eyes, all brought back the fun of playing with the toy. Never mind that he’s a smartie pants in the movie with some great one-liners. My favorite part of these guys? The mustaches I piped on as a finishing touch.

Recently one of my regular customers requested a character from Toy Story for her son’s birthday, and while I suggest Mr. Potato Head or Aliens, I was thrilled she picked the Aliens. I don’t mind repeating designs, but I was excited to try a new one.

Toy Story Alien Cake PopsI don’t make anything fondant because many people have said they don’t like it (and I don’t, either), so I piece together facial features and decorations with various candies. These little aliens were made from rope candy, Airheads, and icing eyeballs. I was even more thrilled my edible markers cooperated for these ultra adorable smiles. Yes, I am in love with my Toy Story Aliens, my favorite, favoritest cake pop ever. :)


Small Business Saturday is here! For one day only, order cake pops and receive 25% off (until 10AM PST – Use Code: smallisbig). After 10AM, use code: supportsmall for 15% off.

Send cake pops for the holidays,

If you need to customize your colors and notes, just send an email once you’ve submitted an order. Please allow 72 hours minimum from order date and delivery date. Shipped orders add another 2-3 days for Priority Mail shipping.

I love Legos! Yes, I’m thirty-five and still play with Legos. I even returned from our family trip to Seattle with my nephew’s large container of Legos (with the promise of returning them once he has his own spawn). Building with Legos has to be one of the most therapeutic things for me. One of the few moments where my mind slows down and I can just be.

Legos are such an amazing tool for letting the imagination fly and there was no better way to dive back into orders after vacation than with Ninjago cake pops! The ninjas weren’t too difficult but when it came to Sensei, things were a little tricky. First, I dipped each  cake pop in yellow, the ever recognizable Lego Minifig color. For the ninjas, I then dipped the back of the pop in the color and topped them off by dripping the colored chocolate on the forehead, sides and bottom. Tap, tap, tapping away, everything smoothed out.

Next, Sensei’s beard, mustache and eyebrows. Hmm. I have wanted to try out modeling chocolate for extra details on my cake pops and really, I did try. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t seem to master the recipe and either ended up with it way too oily, or solid as a rock. My savior? Airheads. Yup, my second favorite candy (after gummy worms). After warming the white Airheads for a few seconds in the microwave I rolled them out, cut out the pieces I needed and attached to our dear minifig heads.

This wasn’t quite like playing with Legos, but piecing everything together was just as much fun. I sure hope this becomes a popular order because I had a blast!




The last week in Southern California has been a hot and humid one. I don’t mind it so much but when it comes to making cake pops, the humidity and heat does not go well with chocolate. Chocolate doesn’t like to set much when it’s warm, so by the time I was done with a crazy busy week full of a ton of custom cake pop orders (my favorite being the Cookies in Cream Dirt w/ gummy worms) a break was much needed. After making the last of deliveries this morning, my daughter and I took a moment to be a bit goofy and have a little fun with cake pops.

Domo Cake PopsI put together a couple Domo cake pops sans arms because really, who can resist the Japanese mascot Domo?  We headed outside to enjoy the perfect blue sky (and first day of non scorcher heat). With the sun shining down on us we danced around, singing, snapped pictures and pretended to eat Domo. It only took a couple minutes for our friend to feel the side affects of the heat, and as the chocolate began to melt, we ran inside giggling and screaming “I’m melting, I’m melting, Domo melting!”

My daughter and I were walking around Disneyland when I received a message on my phone asking “Can you do Lalaloopsy cake pops?” I’d seen many character cake pops but I was baffled – I had never heard of Lalaloopsy before. After a moment my daughter asked what it was about and when I told her she went “ooh, I know those!” Turns out her half-sister has the dolls, so she knew aaall about them.

Lalaloopsy Boy and Cheer Bow

I almost responded to the request that no, I could not do Lalaloopsy dolls as they look extremely complicated, with a ton of detail. Then I realized I did Hello Kitty, I do monsters and mummies, I could do dolls. So, with a bit of hesitation, I finally agreed and thus began my journey into the Lalaloopsy world.

Months later, I’ve made a multitude of Lalaloopsy cake pops, some with cheer bows (made out of Starburst candies) and even some boy ones. Getting the hair “just so” has been a learning experience and patience, but I’ve found I like the additional detailed hair. And who can resist the rosy cheeks?

Irish Coffee cake pops where a big hit and this year they were already proving to be as well. So when it came to doing something special for the holiday, instead of o working on the typical green theme I decided to play around with the whole leprechaun’s gold concept. What happened is my Pot o’ Gold cake pops, surprisingly easy to make, but ultra adorable. A perfect compliment to the Irish Coffee cake pops heading out the door.

The trick to get the black pot edge is to dip, then place on the parchment paper as if doing a flat-top pop
. Once dry, add some more black chocolate to cover the top and sprinkle a ton of of gold sprinkles. Ta da! A pot o’ gold filled with nommy cake pop goodness. Now that is gold to me!

After all the crazy creatures I created for the Halloween season I was still in monster mode and took to making my own Flying Spaghetti Monster, as should any Pastafarian.

I dipped two chocolate cake pops in a milk chocolate and white chocolate combination and let them harden while touching.  This process made me cringe as many cake pop creators know, we do everything we can to keep cake pops from touching. Once dry, it was just a matter of wrapping candy laces around and around and attaching the googly eyes with melted chocolate.

And now, I’ve been touched by His Noodly Appendage…cake pop style!

A great friend of mine is not only a Spinning instructor, designer, writer and chocolate lover but a true adorer of Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. The week before Halloween I felt it only appropriate that I surprised her with a chocolate cake pop decorated as Jack.

I’ve always been a “tomboy”, never hesitating to play in the dirt, though I’ve not always been a fan of the bugs (there was a period when I collected caterpillars in jars, but that was short lived). The other day I was munching on one of my favorite snacks, gummy worms, and knew there had to be a way of combining them with my cake pops. It took a few tries, but here’s my dirt and worm cake pop. Keeping the Oreo crumbs as small as possible was the key to keeping them on the chocolate.

Cake pops shown here: Chocolate with black chocolate coating, covered in crumbled Oreo cookies and one perfectly placed gummy worm.


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