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**Updated to say I will also be attending The Depressed Cake Shop in Seattle!! Info has been added below**

It’s been almost three years since I started this cake pop adventure and while there has been sme serious trial and error, overall it has been a very positive experience.  Seeing the finished product displayed, a child clutching their prized cake pop and the gratitude from customers makes me smile and want to continue what I do.

Mental illness affect one in four Americans every year. I am one of those, as well as a few of my dear friends. If not experiencing it directly, many have family, friends and coworkers who fight the daily battle of living with mental illness. The stigma is there, a disease that is rarely talked about and commonly misunderstood. To those of us affected, we do what we can to get through each day, and for many, baking helps.

I'm not a Monster Cake Pops

Banana bread used to be my “thing”, the one baked good I thoroughly enjoyed creating in the kitchen.  Now, it’s the making of cake pops, a process that is so very therapeutic even during the busiest times. Something about the repetitive motions, kneading the frosting into cake dough and rolling endless amounts of cake balls helps soothe my mind. Baking has given me something to focus on, to put my energies toward when the rest of my life seems a bit crazy and out of control. It is calming and a huge positive addition, in more ways than just calories.

The idea of baking therapy has been turned into an awesome opportunity to raise money and awareness about mental illness. Conceived of by Emma Cakehead (Miss Cakehead) in the UK, the Depressed Cake Shop Pop-ups have popped up all over the world and there are even more to come.

I am excited to be participating in the Los Angeles location in August 23rd and 24th and providing some delicious treats. Discussion of mental illness is an important matter to me and I was already planning on doing my own fundraiser later this year. What a perfect chance for me to get involved:  I get to spend hours in the kitchen meditating with chocolate and have the end results support NAMI Westside Los Angeles.

For those in the LA area who haven’t had a chance to enjoy my products, this will be a prime opportunity to sample some Chocolate Dipped Oreos, Cloud shaped Cake Pops, and Monster cake pops all decked out in gray. There will also be other gray baked goods from area bakers, complimentary beer and wine opening night, themed artwork and photography from renowned artists and baking classes on Saturday.

August 23, 2013(7-11pm) and August 24 (9am-6pm)

Location: Buckwild Gallery, 12804 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Depressed Cake Shop Los Angeles Facebook Event Page

Not located near L.A.? For more information about other Depressed Cake Shop locations in the US and international, visit depressedcakeshop.com.

Dates: Saturday, October 5th, 2013
Location: Sole Repair Shop, 1001 East Pike, Seattle, WA

Depressed cake Shop Seattle Facebook Page

Depressed Cake Shop Los Angeles

Poster design courtesy of Alexis Lowery

Depressed Cake Shop Seattle - Event Leaflet 1

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